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Want to partner with an SEO Company in Edinburgh that deals in facts, figures, and genuine business growth? We understand your struggle. In 2021, finding a reliable and transparent digital marketing agency in Edinburgh can seem impossible. The industry is dominated by pushy salesmen and agencies that claim to have the secret key for Google success. In an industry that is overwhelmed with individuals pretending to know something that no one else does, how do you find an SEO company you can trust?

Safari Digital SEO Edinburgh is unique. We are a small team of search engine optimisation professionals. We don’t have a 5000 square foot office, and we don’t have Kombucha on tap. We are a tech-oriented SEO company without boring cliches. Our SEO experts don’t tinker in Facebook Ads or Google Ads. We spend all of our time and efforts producing SEO campaigns that produce first-page results.

We have been focussing exclusively on SEO since 2018. In that short time, we have helped hundreds of SMEs and national names to achieve outstanding growth with strategic SEO. By placing ROI (return on investment) at the front of every choice that we make, we can maximise results. We aren’t interested in getting your business to page one of Google for unrelated search terms. Rather, we concentrate on important, revenue-generating keywords that produce quality traffic.

Like the Google search ranking algorithm, our strategy for search engine optimisation SEO is constantly growing and changing. Nothing is ever inactive and we are constantly working and researching cutting edge SEO techniques. As a dedicated agency of SEO specialists in Edinburgh, we use all of our time to interpret and understand how to create content that ranks well on Google. By focussing on SEO, we can create cutting edge solutions that leave our competition (and yours) scratching their heads.

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Why Work with Safari SEO Agency Edinburgh?

At Safari SEO Edinburgh, we employ the latest data, search trends, and SEO knowledge to create customised SEO campaigns for Edinburgh companies. We consider more than two hundred different Ranking factors that tie into the Google search ranking algorithm. We do not do ‘quick fixes’ or ‘overnight SEO hacks’. We practice lasting, time-tested techniques that we know deliver long-term results. In Edinburgh, Safari Digital SEO supports small to large companies grow their online visibility with SEO.

By choosing Safari, you’ll work with a group of Edinburgh SEO experts that know the intricacies of SEO. Why partner with a generalist digital marketing company in Edinburgh that looks at every aspect of online marketing? We place all of our time experience and in-house resources into creating custom search engine optimisation campaigns.

We specialise in helping SMEs and large businesses to reach their full online potential. Whether you have been in business for one year or ten, we have customised solutions to suit. With Safari, you won’t be handed between account managers. If we take you on as a client, we believe that we can help your business reach new heights with organic search marketing.

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Our SEO Strategy for Growth

Time-tested solutions combined with proven methodology. We don’t leave anything up to chance.The eight of a successful SEO campaign are transferrable to every project we do.

Edinburgh SEO FAQ’s

Want to know more about SEO in Edinburgh? Here are some of the common questions that we see and answer all the time!

Why Should I Work with A Dedicated SEO Agency?

If you want to increase your business’s exposure and growth, leveraging the skills of a dedicated SEO agency will help you achieve your goals. In contrast to most digital marketing companies who cover all facets of online marketing in Edinburgh, Safari SEO Edinburgh is committed to one of the most exciting and high potential aspects of online marketing – search engine optimisation.

By specialising in this discipline, we can concentrate our time, effort and resources to innovate and optimise our search engine optimisation strategies. With strategies designed for 2021 and beyond, we pride ourselves on the ability to future proof the search engine visibility and design of your website.

It would be silly to hire a general handyman to fix your roof leak, so why would you hire a general digital marketing agency to improve your SEO visibility. Work with a digital company in Edinburgh that puts the entirety of their time and resources into delivering the very best SEO.

Why Should I Choose SEO Over Facebook or Google Ads?

In terms of scalability, SEO is hands down the best form of digital marketing. Search engine optimisation is the most scalable way to build your online presence in 2021 and the years to come. While SEO may not be as reactive as tradition Paid Advertising, the patience taken to get you seen will have significant long-term benefits.

Unlike Facebook Advertising or Google Ads, there is no need to pay for each website visitor you receive. Powerful SEO works around the clock to improve brand recognition and help you to sell and attract leads online.

If you are hunting for an online marketing channel that allows you to entice customers even when you are not paying for advertising, SEO is for you.

What Does An Edinburgh SEO Company Do?

SEO companies are external teams of search engine optimisation professionals that are hired to improve the organic visibility of a website. It is not easy breaking down all of the activities that go into a successful SEO marketing campaign, but here are the main ones that you can expect to receive:

1. Competitor and Market Analysis
2. On-site Optimisation
3. Off-site Optimisation
4. Customised SEO strategy
5. Technical fixes to your website
6. Ongoing support and optimisation

For each SEO company in Edinburgh, there will be a slightly different approach. However, all the best SEO Edinburgh will always provide the elements as mentioned above in a strong SEO campaign. Search engine optimisation is a transferrable skillset. It is about applying industry-leading knowledge and practices to help your business grow.

What do SEO Services in Edinburgh Include?

Our SEO services include everything you can think of to get noticed online. We have studied the more than 200 different ranking factors that impact how your website appears in Google search. Our Edinburgh SEO services will equip you with everything that you need to get found in the area. We do not pick and choose which details of SEO to focus on for your business. Our SEO services focus on the four pillars of SEO:

1. Technical SEO
2. Content Creation
3. On-Site SEO Optimisations
4. Off-Site SEO Optimisations

If something needs to be improved to optimise your organic search visibility, then we will help you with it.

Do I Really Need SEO Services?

If you wish for your prospective target market to discover you online, then SEO is the resolution you have been looking for. If your target market is searching for your products or services using Google search or other search engines, but you are struggling to convert or reach them, then search engine optimisation can help you appear in front of them at the right time.

Some industries reap the rewards of SEO more than others. If you are unsure whether SEO services are the right fit for your business, then get in contact with one of our Edinburgh SEO professionals today. As of 2021, 84% of companies that invested in SEO services reported increased long term organic traffic for their website.

Is it necessary to Sign a Long-Term Contract?

No! You won’t have to sign a long-term contract.

We understand that circumstances change, and we hate the idea of a contract locking you in.

All of our monthly SEO campaigns function on a month-to-month basis. When you partner with us, you are free to cancel your agreement at any time with 30-days of notice.

How much Does SEO in Edinburgh Cost?

There is no fixed price when it comes to SEO. The expenses of SEO Edinburgh will vary depending on the output required to help you succeed. All of our SEO plans are on a month-by-month basis. In general, most of our clients will agree to 6 or 9 months scheduled SEO campaigns before reviewing their campaign and ongoing scope of work required.

To get the most up to date idea of SEO costs in Edinburgh, get in touch with an SEO expert at Safari SEO UK who can help you out with a tailored SEO quote.

Do You Work with All Industries in Edinburgh?

If we believe that our services will help your business flourish, we will work with you. Search engine optimisation is a transferable marketing effort that can be leveraged in a wide range of industries. If users are searching Google for the Products or Services that your business offers, you can be sure that SEO will help your business.

Search engine optimisation services are practical for just about every industry. If you are looking for a scalable way to generate leads, sales, and see sustainable growth – you should consider SEO as a solution. Our approach and strategy can be tailored to just about any industry and application. Unlike other SEO agencies, we don’t use cookie-cutter techniques, and will only work with businesses that can grow with SEO.

Should I Invest in SEO or Google Ads/Facebook Ads?

Search engine optimisation is considered the most powerful inbound marketing tool your business can have at its disposal.

Whereas traditional marketing and advertising models have you reaching out to the customer, SEO is entirely inbound. If a prospective client lands on your website, you can help answer their question or provide them with what they are looking for.

Our Edinburgh SEO strategies are innately focused on the customer. You won’t be cold calling or harassing prospective clients. You are presenting them with practical information and the answers to their problems. In summary, SEO is more convenient for you and far less intrusive for your potential clients.

Not only that, but, Google Advertising costs are going through the roof. With SEO, your business’s exposure and visibility will benefit even when you’re not paying for it. SEO’s beauty is that it is a transferrable and lasting resource that you own, not rent.

The Blueprint for SEO Edinburgh That Works

The industry changes. But our approach and methodology is always consistent.

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