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Safari Digital UK SEO Services is a forward-thinking digital marketing company that works with small to large businesses across the United Kingdom to facilitate online growth with search engine optimisation. Since 2018, we have been focussing 100% of our time and resources into developing SEO strategies that help businesses to grow. We don’t do any Facebook Marketing, Web Design, or Google Ads. As a result, we are able to deliver SEO strategies that generate traffic and revenue.

Our SEO services can be catered towards your unique business goals. Each company that we work with is different, which is why our SEO strategies are based on your website history, market competition, and business goals.

As of 2021, the United Kingdom is bursting with large, publicly listed digital marketing companies that are more interested in their IPO than the success of their clients. At Safari Digital UK, we are privately owned and comprised of a close-knit team of SEO experts that are genuinely passionate about helping UK companies. We don’t do SEO packages and we won’t try to sell you anything that you don’t need – we deliver honest, upfront advice around what search engine optimisation can do for your business.

Each decision that we make for our clients is focussed on one key metric – ROI. If we do not believe that our services are going to help your business to grow and push the KPIs that matter most for you, we won’t work with you – it’s that simple.

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Why Choose Safari for SEO Services?

Get more traffic, better leads, and generate more revenue in 2021 with UK SEO services that are designed to help you win business – not drive meaningless web traffic. At Safari Digital UK, we have a simple mission – to help businesses in the United Kingdom to grow with upfront, data-backed SEO services that give you everything that you need, and nothing that you do not. We aren’t experts in Google Ads, Facebook, or Branding. In fact, there are plenty of full-service digital agencies in the UK that are better at those things. We are, however, the best at delivering tailored search engine optimisation services that will help your business to grow.

Our UK SEO services are tailored towards longevity. We don’t do ‘quick-wins’ or ‘growth hacks’, we do sustainable SEO that is designed to stand the test of time. Each of our service offerings are tailored towards the unique goals of the business that we are working with. We don’t have gold, silver, and bronze SEO packages. In fact, we think that SEO service providers that are pushing those on unsuspecting clients don’t really have anyone’s best interest in mind. We have tailored SEO solutions that will help your business grow in 2021 and beyond.

liam ridings safari seo director

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Time-tested solutions combined with proven methodology. We don’t leave anything up to chance.The eight of a successful SEO campaign are transferrable to every project we do.

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SEO Services FAQ

Got a question about SEO Services UK? Here are some of the ones that we answer most often.

What is An SEO Service?

SEO services are a digital marketing services that are delivered by specialist SEO professionals or companies that help websites (of all sizes) to increase their online traffic from Google search. The goal of these services is to help your business to rank for highly relevant, revenue generating search terms. The search terms that are selected should resonate with your business goals and reflect the searches that are made by your prospective customers when they are ready to transact.

The goal behind Safari SEO services UK is simple – to help your business appear at the top of Google, Bing, and other search engines for valuable search terms. It is just as simple as it sounds. When a website appears at the top of the organic search results, they will generate more phone calls, sales, and leads. In 2021, approximately 43% of all organic clicks go to the first position in Google – so it pays to appear at the top.

Over the last decade, the search ranking algorithm has changed dramatically. Even today, the SEO algorithm continues to shift and evolve. Many of the shady, Blackhat SEO tactics that were effective in the early 200s are all but obsolete. As an SEO Agency, our job is to understand how these changes impact what we do for our clients.

How Much Do SEO Services Cost?

How long is a piece of string? No, really, there is no definitive answer to how much you should be paying for SEO services in the UK.

Unlike some other SEO companies, we do not have gold, silver, and bronze level SEO subscriptions. To be quite frank, the whole purpose of tiered SEO packages is to expedite the onboarding process so that SEO providers can quickly onboard customers. At Safari Digital, we take the time to understand your unique market position and goals.

The cost of search engine optimization services is directly proportionate to the amount of internal resources that are required to help your business succeed online. Generally speaking, SEO prices in the United Kingdom range from £1,000 to £10,000+ per month depending on the size of your business and the scope of your SEO ambitions. A once off SEO setup can range from £3,000 to £10,000+ depending on the number of pages and target keywords in the campaign.

There are a few key points that will influence the cost of SEO services for your business including:

1. Your website health
2. The age of your website
3. The history of your website and previous SEO work
4. The number of new pages that we need to create
5. The size of the market you are operating in
6. The competition in your industry
7. The work being carried out by competitors

There is no definitive rule. If you would like to find out how much SEO costs for your business and what is involved, get in touch with one of our SEO consultants today. We can put together a customised SEO quote based on your business and your ambitions.

Who Delivers the Best SEO Services in the United Kingdom?

Well it would be a little remiss not to think it is us, wouldn’t it?

For the sake of trying to stay partial, here are the facts. There is no shortage of SEO service providers in the UK. However, there is only a small handful of digital agencies that offer search engine optimization as a standalone service. We are one of those agencies.

We would recommend that you do your own due diligence when choosing the best SEO services for your business. It is important to work with a provider that is aligned with your business and your business goals.

Do You Guarantee SEO Results?

No, and you should be very wary of anyone that is promising SEO results.

On your search for an SEO services provider, you are bound to come across SEO companies that offer different levels of guarantees. At first glance, guaranteed SEO results may seem like the answer to all of your prayers. Afterall, who wouldn’t want a service that is guaranteed to be successful!?

Here are some of the claims that guaranteed SEO service providers are likely to make:

• 30 Keywords on Page One in 90-days or Your Money Back
• 30 Keywords on Page One or Money Back
• 50% More Organic traffic or Your Money Back

The truth is any of these feats are relatively easy to achieve. SEO is not about getting as many page one rankings or as much traffic as possible – it’s about getting the right kind of traffic.

Google’s SEO explainer course in Google search central says:

“Your prospective SEO should be able to give you realistic estimates of improvement, and an estimate of the work involved. If they guarantee you that their changes will give you first place in search results, find someone else.”

We are confident that our SEO services will yield an ROI positive result in the first 6-months of working together. But we would never make that promise because we ultimately do not control what Google chooses to do. As an SEO service provider it is our responsibility to curate the best possible on-page and off-page SEO elements. What Google decides to do is ultimately up to them.

What is the Difference between a Good and Bad Result?

The difference between working with an SEO provider that understands your business and your goals, and one that does not is significant. Here is a visual representation of what working with Safari Digital vs. Another SEO service provider can look like:

SEO services results with another seo provider
SEO services by Safari Digital UK

In the first image, our client had been working with a previous SEO provider for more than two years. The results just weren’t coming. Despite repeated promises from their SEO provider that there would be more traffic in a few weeks, or months. Nothing ever came. In 2020, the client approached Safari Digital. We quickly went to work rewriting all of their landing page copy, redesigning those pages for conversions, implementing simple SEO fixes, creating high-quality backlinks, and developing an ongoing content marketing schedule.

In a matter of just 11-months, they went from getting 278-clicks over a 30-day period, to 7,512 clicks in a month – a 2602% increase in clicks. To put that in perspective, our client now gets more clicks in a single day than they were receiving in an entire month.

The moral of the story here is quite simple. SEO services can only be effective if your provider is aligned with your business and your business goals. There are so many different SEO providers on the market that it can be almost impossible to find one that actually knows what they are on about. The best way to find out is to see if they are able to rank their own business for relevant search terms. Never hire an SEO provider based on a paid advertisement.

Can I Do My Own SEO Work?

In theory, yes you can!

By that same logic, you can also repair your car, fix your house, and create a Michelin star meal. The missing ingredient, however, is experience. Businesses pay us to do SEO because we have a clear idea of what works and what gets results. Just like any industry, the more experience and expertise that you possess, the better the results.

Do you use Third Party Tools for SEO?

Yes, we use a whole host of third-party tools to plan and measure the efficacy of our SEO. Some of the more common tools that we use include Ahrefs, Semrush, Moz, and Majestic. We also have an in-house developer that has helped us to generate our own customised SEO toolset that we use to complete work. Off-the-shelf SEO tools are a great way to measure and plan SEO, however, for some things, we do need to use our own customised SEO tools.

Do You Create New Website Landing Pages?

Yes, we can say with almost 100% certainty that we will need to create some new landing pages when we conduct SEO work.

In order to get the best possible result for your website, we create service, product, or category landing pages that are set up to rank and convert well from Google organic search. In the first 1-2 months of your SEO campaign, we will analyse and determine where the content gaps exist on your website and create a plan to fill those gaps.

Do you Provide One-Off SEO Service?

No, we do not.

A one-off SEO service is a bit like asking a building to build a house for you in a single month. Feasibly, it is possible, however the results are never going to be something that we can actually be proud of. The same reasoning can be applied to one-off SEO projects – the results that they produce are not really something that we can be proud of.

All of our SEO services are delivered in an ongoing campaign basis. Rome was not built in a day, and it is not possible to deliver a result that we can be proud of by doing one-off optimisation work. SEO is a cumulative process. The longer that you are doing it, the easier it is to see results. If you are not in the position to commit to at least 9-months of ongoing SEO work, we recommend that you do not invest in SEO at this time.

Will SEO Increase the Quantity of Leads That I Receive?

Yes, we can say with confidence that you will receive more leads than before. The number of leads that you receive through organic search will be relative to your industry and the type of product or service that you are offering. Our SEO strategy is about uncovering how your target market searches for your products or services on Google and then putting your business in front of them when they are making that search.

Will SEO Increase the Quality of Leads That I Receive?

Yes. The quality of leads that you receive through online search is a direct representation of the kind of keywords that we are targeting in your SEO campaign. At Safari Digital, we want to put your website on page one of Google for hundreds of relevant that are going to drive high quality leads to your website. Instead of putting you on the first page of Google for hundreds of irrelevant keywords, we focus on the ones that will drive your business and your business goals forward. Our SEO strategy is about generating high-quality leads that are going to drive the KPIs that matter most for you.

How Does SEO Differ from PPC?

Search engine optimisation is the process of optimising the on-site and off-site elements of a website that impact how it appears in the Google organic search results. Google Ads or Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing involves buying a listing at the top of the organic search results. Effectively, you are leasing the spot at the top of Google in order to appear in front of Google. The problem is, the moment that you stop paying for these clicks, your website becomes invisible.

PPC marketing services offered by Google and Bing are designed to provide instant visibility – at a high cost. They are an effective way to generate instant leads, however, the cost of these leads is relatively high compared to organic marketing. While we cannot fault the efficacy of Google ads as a marketing mediums, it becomes very difficult to scale over time when you pay for each click that you get.

The best part is that you do not need to choose between PPC marketing and SEO marketing. You can run both of these marketing strategies at the same time as a way to drive leads for your website. For newer websites, we always recommend running a Google Ads marketing campaign to test the waters before investing in SEO. PPC will provide insight into the quality of leads that you receive through keywords. We can then use that data to inform the SEO decisions that we make for your website.

Is SEO the Right Fit for My Business?

It depends!

Without looking at your website, your industry, and your business, it is impossible to tell you whether SEO is going to be the right marketing channel for your business.

Transparency is the key to our success as a business. To ensure that we build relationships that are comprised of mutual respect and understanding, we will always be upfront with our prospective clients. Before we take you on as a client, we will conduct a preliminary SEO audit of your website to determine whether or not SEO is the right fit for you.

We do not work with every business that approaches us. And we wear that as a badge of honour. There are countless digital marketing companies out there that promise big results, without even taking the time to review your website – we are not one of them. If we feel that we can help your business to grow, we will put forward an SEO proposal. If we feel as though your marketing money is better spent somewhere else, we will tell you. No lies, no false promises.

Is Safari Digital the Best fit for my Business?

As above, we won’t be able to tell you that until we take a look at your business and understand your unique business position. The best way to find out if Safari Digital is the right agency for you is to book a no-obligation consultation with one of our SEO specialists.

What is Your Process for Link Building?

Our process for building high quality backlinks is labour intensive, but it is not rocket science. Unlike some of the SEO service providers in the UK, we do not use any Blackhat link building tactics that will land you in hot water. Our process for identifying and pursuing backlinks for our clients is exactly the same process that we use for our own website:

1. Identify the best links in your market being used by competitors
2. Understand how they acquired these links
3. Reverse engineer the process to acquire high quality backlinks

What hat link building is not complicated, but it does take a significant number of resources to pull off. When you work with us, you’ll have a local team carrying out the link building for your website. We never cut corners and we never implement any tactics that we would not use for our own website. Our link building process is the best in the United Kingdom.

Will You Share the Backlinks That You Get with Me?

Of course, you spent the money, you deserve to know where that money is going. Each month we will share all new backlinks that we have acquired for your business over the last month. Any SEO company that is not willing to give you access to the link that they acquire should be given a very wide berth. There are some seriously dodgy operators in the industry, any anyone that believes that you do not have the right to see backlinks that are being created for your website are right at the top of that list.

Will I Get Access to Rank Tracking Tools?

Yes, we will provide access to 24/7 rank tracking tools that measure the movement of your keywords throughout your campaign. You will have access to the same tracking tools and traffic analysis data that we use to measure the success of your campaign. Transparency is the key to trust, which is why we want you to have complete access to where your money is being spent.

How Many Keywords Can You Target in A Campaign?

To be perfectly honest, we can target as many keywords as you want. We do not limit the scope of our service by a predetermined number of keywords. SEO providers that sell keyword ranking packages are usually full of B/S to be perfectly honest with you. Our goal is to get you traffic for relevant keywords. If we believer that a keyword is going to help your business to grow, then we will include it in your SEO campaigns.

The way that we select keywords is based on a combination of search volume, competition, and user intent. The most important being the user intent. We focus on the keywords that are going to generate real business – not the ones that are going to drive meaningless traffic. The truth is, putting you on page one of Google for lots of low-competition search terms is not difficult. Putting you on the first page of Google for competitive keywords is a different story.

Do You Price Match with Other Agencies?

We don’t I’m afraid. And that’s not because we don’t enjoy a price match guarantee from other stores. In fact, we quite like them. But it’s because SEO services are not delivered in equal measures.

We can confidently say that the SEO work that we carry out is significantly more thorough and labour intensive than our competitors. We do not outsource a single step of the process and we will never cut corners. Price matching our SEO services would be like price matching a flight to Australia, with a flight to Manchester. We go a lot further than our competitors to deliver the best SEO services in the UK.

Do You Outsource Any Work?

No, each step is completed in-house by the Safari Digital team of experts.

From the first consultation, to the final report, each step of the SEO process is handled by our in-house team. So long as we continue to work on your business, you can be assured that the work being carried out is being completed by local SEO experts with the highest level of industry knowledge and expertise.

Are Your Content Writers English Speakers?

Yes! Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t outsource our content writing to other countries. The same person that wrote the copy on this page is the same person that will be doing the copy for your website. If you are impressed by the level of sales copy on this website, then we’re confident in saying that you will be impressed with the copy that we complete for your website.

Do You Work with Businesses from Outside the UK?

Yes, we do. Safari Digital UK was founded in late 2020 by Liam Ridings after growing Safari Digital Australia from an idea to one of Australia’s top 3 SEO agencies in a period of less than 24-months. We have excelled in one of the most competitive landscapes in the world, and now we are looking to broaden our horizons in the UK.

At present, we currently work with businesses in the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, and Europe. Search engine optimisation is a transferrable skill that can be applied to just about any industry. So long as your prospective target market is searching for your products or services online, then we can add value to your business.

Who Does the SEO for the Safari Digital Website?

We do!

The same team that is responsible for elevating the Safari Digital UK website to the top of Google for some of the most competitive keywords in the United Kingdom is the same team that will be working on your website. Believe it or not, some agencies do their own website SEO in-house and then outsource the SEO work for their clients. To ensure our clients receive the same level of care, knowledge, and expertise on their website, we complete all of the SEO work in-house.

Do You Offer Any Other Marketing Services?

No, we don’t I’m afraid.

Since 2018, we have been investing 100% of our time, resources, and expertise on developing the best SEO Services in the UK. If you are looking for a full-service digital marketing company, there are no shortage of options in the United Kingdom. If you are looking for a dedicated SEO services company that truly understands the process of getting to the top of the search results pages, we are the agency for you.

On-site SEO Services Outlined

mobile image

As a full-service SEO service provider, we focus on all of the on-page/on-site SEO elements that will impact how your website appears in Google search. If there are on-site issues that are affecting how your website appears in the search results – we will address them. As of 2021, roughly 50% of how your website ranks in search engines is dictated by on-page SEO factors.

Optimising the on-site elements of your website is the first step in any successful SEO campaign. Before we even contemplate the off-site factors that will drive growth, we look at things such as your meta data, UX factors, technical SEO, internal links, URL structure, site architecture, page titles, keyword usage, and dozens of other on-site SEO elements. If your on-page is not as good as it can be, it doesn’t matter what happens off your website – it will not rank as well as it can.

Off-site SEO Services Outlined

As a full-service SEO service provider, we focus on all of the on-page/on-site SEO elements that will impact how your website appears in Google search. If there are on-site issues that are affecting how your website appears in the search results – we will address them. As of 2021, roughly 50% of how your website ranks in search engines is dictated by on-page SEO factors.

Optimising the on-site elements of your website is the first step in any successful SEO campaign. Before we even contemplate the off-site factors that will drive growth, we look at things such as your meta data, UX factors, technical SEO, internal links, URL structure, site architecture, page titles, keyword usage, and dozens of other on-site SEO elements. If your on-page is not as good as it can be, it doesn’t matter what happens off your website – it will not rank as well as it can.

off-site SEO factors

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